Pricing and Fees

Healing Waters, Incorporated essentially sells solutions to psychological issues and problems. We offer therapy below market pricing, consulting services for a variety of organizational and workplace issues including other types of issues, and we conduct applied scientific research to design psychological tools such as programs and interventions. Dr. K., psychologist and key employee negotiates fees and renders service to self-pay and non-paying customers. We can keep costs below market price to serve the poor because she is the solo key employee, the psychologist, Dr. K. and can manage her own skills and intellectual capital. A clinic means hiring a large support staff with a board of directors and dealing with egos, delaying services and growth, working full-time and overtime which leads to burn-out. Leadership would make decisions and the poor would suffer. A private practice not only boosts local economics but also allows the professional service provider to give.

  • Brief psychotherapy: $45.00 @ 30 minutes
  • Individual psychotherapy: $100.00 @ hour.
  • Group therapy : $40.00 @ individual, 10 individuals, meeting two times @ week for six weeks.
  • The Job Club: $35.00 @ individual for a year or free if unemployed & registered with unemployment services


Consultation is shared seasoned wisdom resulting from a highly educated intellect, specialized expertise, personal and professional experience, and a religious lifestyle based on faith. Consultation is a combination of reason, knowledge and lessons learned. Healing Waters, Incorporated encourages sharing Dr. K's feminine wisdom. Dr. K's feminine wisdom is not intuition or personal opinion. She believes her knowledge and wisdom are gifts from the Holy Spirit. Consultation is at the heart of getting to the root of things and discovering the truth of  the matter. Fees are negotiable and dependent on what type of managed plan suggested.

Psychological consultation: Focus is usually on the mind-body process and the impact of the mind on physical well-being and vise versa. Differential  diagnosis and side effects of medicine.

Occupational health and safety consultation: Focus on impact of stress and quality control organizations.

Forensic consultation: organizing evidence, supporting and coaching victims of crime, brain-storming about motives.

Expert witness services; Focus is on labor relations, employment law, and domestic violence.

Organizational consultation: Focus on issues and problems in organizations and the workplace.

Research consultation: Focus on research methodology and design.

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