The idea of Healing Waters, Incorporated, Professional Corporation emerged from a 'dark place' in my life. Philosophical theology refers to the 'dark place' as the 'dark night of the soul. Essentially, the 'dark night' is a spiritual crisis of the soul. What happened was a series of unplanned life events caused by deep psychological and personality transformations. I didn't like the life I was living or the people I was socially interacting with. The dark night was a normative response to oppression, years of violence experienced in a civil marriage, and a search for meaning. I was deeply religious and moral at the time and did not know it. My family is not religious so they didn't understand my distress. However, they are loyal to a church and believe everyone should be like them, spiritually. I don't believe everyone should be Catholic because God is not Catholic. God walks many paths. What my psyche was telling me, I wanted more out of life than oppression, violence and senseless poverty. Christians should live in the world but not be of the world. Therefore, economic independence requires more than a minimum salary. My problem was pride. I tried to love a man who was not worth loving. I think it is the way with all domestic abuse victims and survivors.

My ex-spouse was limited and was limiting me. He violated my right to grow as a human being and a woman. However, unknown to myself, God was repairing the mess by surrounding me with darkness. Through the darkness, I learned to depend on the God and the guidance of the Holy Spirit. It is a scary experience. The Holy Spirit is gentle, patient, kind and compassionate. I did not emerge from the darkness hating men of any color but learned to discern thoroughly their motives for intimacy. I didn't learn to hate being a woman or being vulnerable. My strength is my womanhood, my vulnerability, and feminine wisdom.  God taught me to be submissive to the Decalogue, not men. The Holy Spirit taught me insanity was to do the same thing over and over again, hoping for different results. God helped me to love and discover the beautiful, chaste and sensuous woman inside myself. I learned interdependence rather than independence or dependency. The Holy Spirit gave me the courage to go back to school and learn a trade.

I am an organizational psychologist. Although the dark night was a painful experience, I am grateful God took the initiative to repair my life despite my pride. Healing Waters, Incorporated has become my awkward means of saying thank you to God for my life and mental health. I feel so good, I just had to share the good news of Christ!



Karen D. Gaskins, PhD.
Organizational (occupational) Psychologist

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