Applied Research

There are many different ways of conducting research but applied research aims to utilize knowledge gained from research outcomes for the expressed reason to resolve, improve, design solutions and ameliorate real life issues. Research methodology is known as evidence based practices. Applied researchers such as research psychologists or physicians with PhD s and often post graduate work (20 years or more) are qualified to conduct applied research and manage their own work. Organizational psychology is an applied school of psychology and is often taught utilizing a scientist-practitioner model. Critical thinking is based in systems thinking. An effective applied researcher must master the scientific method, accumulate an in-depth knowledge of science, scientific principles and theories specific to, for example, psychology. Then practice and develop advanced research skills. As a research psychologist, I was trained under the supervision and guidance of expert research doctors.

According to federal laws about research (The Belmont Report), applied research must be utilized to improve the conditions of society and individuals. The rights of individuals especially the vulnerable must be respected and protected. The research scientist must do no harm. Therefore, to be able to develop solutions for work related issues and societal issues requires personal commitment to ethical behavior and life long obedience to federal and state laws regarding research and using human subjects. This commitment starts with earning a doctorate of philosophy in a STEM based discipline.

How a therapist can help:

I conduct applied research for many reasons besides building a reputation as a scientist and to make money. I conduct research to learn and to give back to the community. My research is focused on developing or discovering systematic answers to medical, social, community, work, structural, institutional, societal and world issues. Issues such as poverty, hunger, meaningful employment and honoring the elderly who are shut-in. Answers to the issues are developed into the form of programs, interventions, psycho-educational workshops, processes or procedures. Solutions are not developed to prove dance and music are therapeutic and can cure disease and discomforts. The performing arts will never replace healthcare or medicine. My solutions are evidenced based and can be applied in practical ways to prevent, improve, resolve, and evaluate issues and problems. Applied research is a type of innovative behavior.

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